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  1. Feb 21,  · Directed by Michael Winterbottom. With Isla Fisher, Asa Butterfield, Sophie Cookson, Shirley Henderson. Satire about the world of the super-rich/10(K).
  2. Greed definition is - a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed. How to use greed in a sentence.
  3. Greed definition, excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions. See more.
  4. greed - excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves desire - an inclination to want things; "a man of many desires" avariciousness, cupidity, avarice, covetousness - extreme greed for material wealth.
  5. Feb 28,  · Greed is the fictional story of a retail billionaire, set in the glamorous and celebrity-filled world of luxury fashion, which is centered around the build up to a spectacular 60th birthday party 48%.
  6. Last changed Sep 9 from a Greed rating. Updated Sep 11 at pm. Market Volatility. Neutral. The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is at This is a neutral reading and indicates that market.
  7. Another word for greed. Find more ways to say greed, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  8. Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. Why you do it. You live in possibly the most pampered, consumerist society since the Roman Empire. Your punishment in Hell will be. You'll be boiled alive in oil.
  9. greed definition: 1. a very strong wish to continuously get more of something, especially food or money: 2. a very. Learn more.

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